Terms and Conditions

At RelocatorPortugal we take compliance and due diligence measures very seriously.

RelocatorPortugal reserves the right to decline a client, in such cases, a full refund will be issued (this does not include banking fees).

Payment is required upfront and prior to all consultations

If a service is not successfully completed or never happened and it is Relocator Portugal’s sole responsibility you will be fully refunded the exact amount paid for that service

If a service is not successfully completed and it is the client’s responsibility for reasons such as a change of mind, or simply declining to move forward, the client will not be refunded

If a service is not successfully completed and it is because the client was not able to provide the necessary documentation or take necessary action within an entity that prevents the act from being successfully accomplished, you will only be refunded 50% of the fee paid for that service

For services provided by attorneys, and accordingly to the Portuguese Lawyer’s act, if the necessary trust relationship is broken or damaged, we reserve the right not to complete the service and charge the amount of time spent in the matter

By scheduling a consultation or hiring our services you are agreeing to and accepting these terms.