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Portuguese Tax Number – NIF

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Nothing gets done in Portugal without your tax ID number, also called your NIF. The very first step in your relocation process should be to request this identification number, which can be completed while still in your home country.

RelocatorPortugal will start this process quickly, and in just a few days can provide the ID number and the required fiscal representation.

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    There is a fee to acquire a NIF with Fiscal Representation for a year. Please fill out the form bellow and email to start the process. After you submit the form we will send you a email with the payment details and all required information about this service.

    Finding someone to trust with a big international
    move can be very stressful. After several failed attempts, no responses, and horror reviews, I found Ms. Rosário. She is very
    professional, polite, well-priced, and very respectful of our time.

    She put my mind at ease when she took no offense to me asking her to verify her license in Portugal, as some
    others had been and stopped communicating. She has helped us with our NIFs, bank accounts, and making sure the international
    schools we are looking into are accredited and recognized by the
    Portuguese Ministry of Education. She has gone above and beyond what we have asked and has sent us numerous helpful links on Portuguese schools and other items. We will be using her to for our rental property contracts and using her references as well. She really is a great person to work with and takes the time to get to know you and your circumstances. Her being a dual US citizen also helps her understand our circumstances so that was a bonus!
    I really am so glad we found each other and look forward to working with her while we are in Portugal.

    - ​​​Estée Lohrman
    New Mexico, USA