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Congratulations on your move to Portugal. Now is when you really need some help navigating a new country and likely a new language. RelocatorPortugal can help arrange for a more comfortable first night in your new home. Let our years of experience ease your transition to a new life in Portugal.

Our Concierge Pack Includes:

  • Support from our staff prior to your arrival - a personal assistant will be assigned to you.
  • Examples of services we provide:
    ■ ​Set up utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet, phone, sim cards, and cable TV).
    ■ Mobile phone service and SIM cards - ready to use on your phone.
    ■ ​Get your first grocery and put shopping in your refrigerator and freezer.
    ■ ​Get your pet food.
    ■ Place and receive orders for home goods, furniture, and other items you may need.
    ■ Receive items and coordinate furniture assembly at your home.
    ■ ​Hire a company to do the cleaning.
    ■ ​Other services that require in-person assistance.
    ■ Recommendations for fantastic local restaurants.
    ■ Wait for furniture to be delivered and assembled.
    ■ Place orders. 
  • Examples of services we can recommend from local and trustworthy businesses for any services we don't provide:
    ■ Veterinary care.
    ■ Car rentals and transportation.
    ■ Health insurance, and routine medical care.

Our dream is to relocate to Portugal and have a better quality of life.  To see new places and have new adventures.  As a Father, I have learned a lot by trial and error but, When it comes to moving to a new country let alone a continent with my family, this is something I couldn’t leave to chance.  I needed a local expert to be my attorney.

I have found that in Rosario Vital. She easily explains the different Visa opportunities available be it, A Golden Visa, Student Visas, or other programs that are available. She is well versed in banking requirements setting up NIFs as well as real estate and writing you an effective Will( which is more complicated than I thought).  You would be well served hiring Rosario to be your lawyer.  Just as I have. We couldn’t be happier with her helpful nature, outgoing personality, and her professionalism. She is a great person as well as a great attorney.

RelocatorPortugal's fees are right about the same as everyone else's but their customer service and responsiveness is above par.

- ​​Ben Rosenthal
Texas, USA